About GET Corp.

We aim to keep dairy farming relevant for future generations. As stewards of the land and pillars of our communities, we see exciting potential for dairy farmers to be leaders in Canada’s sustainability journey.

GET Corp. was founded on the idea of creating an avenue for farmers to collectively contribute to sustainability efforts. Building on the strengths of supply management, recognizing that the collective is stronger than the individual, it was very important for us to ensure that our program is accessible to all farmers, regardless of their size and financial capabilities. The concept of by farmers, for farmers underpins GET Corp.’s purpose.

Our Vision

Every Canadian dairy farm contributes to green gas production through a single, environmentally sustainable solution.


Our Mission

GET Corp. provides, promotes, and maintains a profitable avenue for every Canadian dairy farmer to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. 

Our Values

We act with purpose for our future generations.
We are stewards of the land and build community.
We are trusted to be at the forefront of technology and provide quality service.
We are fair, ensuring access and equity for all.
We lead with passion, courage, and integrity.

Meet Our Team


Nick Thurler


Shikha Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Simmonds

Technology Partner, Green Island

Dragos Stefanescu

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Wolch


Erik Madsen

Technology Partner, Green Island Denmark

Courtney Higgins

SAP Analyst

Lynn Thurler


Jerry Venema

Regional Field Manager