How it Works

GET Corp. offers an avenue for dairy farmers to reduce their environmental footprint through the conversion of organic farm waste to renewable natural gas (RNG). 

Sustainable Agriculture Program (SAP)

Through GET Corp.’s Sustainable Agriculture Program (SAP), organic waste, primarily manure, is collected from participating dairy farms and converted to RNG as well as a nutrient-rich digestate through the process of anaerobic digestion. Through a strategic partnership, the RNG produced will be sold in the market, with the financial returns distributed back to participating farmers. 

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion (AD) promotes the degradation of organic matter in biological wastes under an oxygen-free environment. AD offers one of the most effective methods for reducing methane emissions from dairy manure. Additionally, it offers the benefits of reduced pathogens and odor in manure. 

On-farm anaerobic biodigesters, using Danish technology, convert manure and other on-farm organic waste into 2 products: 

  1. Biogas, which contains 60-70% methane and can be captured as renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG will be sold in the market and the financial returns will be distributed back to participating farmers.
  2. Nutrient rich digestate to be used as fertilizer on farm. The relatively odorless digestate will also be distributed back to participating farmers, at levels which depend on their participation in the program.

GET Corp.'s Services

As a farmer, your responsibility is to provide your organic waste. GET Corp. takes care of the rest.

GET Corp. is responsible for the following services:

  • Conducts a farm historical environmental impact screening assessment
  • Provides access to tested technology with production yield guarantees
  • Secures organic wastes for plants’ maximum production
  • Transports organic wastes and digestate to and from farms
  • Manages plant construction and commissioning
  • Provides plant monitoring and data management
  • Provides full plant maintenance and servicing
  • Manages transport and sale of RNG